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Permafrost Dropped Cowl $6.99

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Permafrost Dropped Cowl

Description: This pattern introduces the new Staggered Pebbles stitch. It is a textured stitch pattern with staggered raised stitches similar to the...
Textured Button Down Beanies - 2 patterns $6.99

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Textured Button Down Beanies - 2 patterns

Description: Textured stitches give these beanies a rustic feel while a button down flap adds a breath of vintage panache resulting in a modern...
Wintergreen Hat And Infinity Scarf $6.99

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Wintergreen Hat And Infinity Scarf

Description: This matching crochet hat and infinity scarf pattern will be your go-to pattern each season. Horizontal ribs of texture are wrapped...
Mountain Walk Cable Hats $6.75

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Mountain Walk Cable Hats

These hat patterns utilize a new cabling technique, developed here at the Crochet Garden. These cables can be described as a cross between...
Rugged Mountain Hats $6.75

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Rugged Mountain Hats

Classy, warm, and functional! This collection of hats matches the Rugged Mountain Scarf Collection. Modern, sharp-looking with cables these hats...
Rugged Mountain Mittens $6.75

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Rugged Mountain Mittens

A compliment to the Rugged Mountain Snowcap and Scarf Collection. Each mitten style comes in 4 sizes, and customizable throughout the mitten to...
Rugged Mountain Scarves $6.75

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Rugged Mountain Scarves

A compliment to the Rugged Mountain Snowcap Collection and Mitten Collection. Each scarf carries its own innate beauty, being both functional yet...
Pink Sands Sunhat & Tote $6.50

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Pink Sands Sunhat & Tote

Pink dust and golden sand, that is what this set is comprised of... whether you are canvassing the sights or sitting in the backyard with some iced...
Winter Goddess Scarf Collection $6.50

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Winter Goddess Scarf Collection

This collection consists of four scarves, each with their own distinct innate beauty. These intricate designs will leave one in amazement. Though one...
Katlyn Hat: Messy Bun Or Regular Hat Option Pattern $6.00

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Katlyn Hat: Messy Bun Or Regular Hat Option Pattern

Description: This hat design comes with two options: crochet it as a messy bun with a hole at the top, or you can crochet it as a regular hat with a...

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