Isabella Halter Top

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This crochet halter top is handmade by me, is 100% cotton and made to order. This is my own crochet design. It is open in the back and has ties at the top and ties for the back. See the photos for a side and back view. I will be taking great care in making your halter. The wonderful lady (grandmama) who taught me to crochet as a child, also instilled a great work ethic in me. When she taught me to crochet, if there was even one error, I had to rip it out, even if the error was all the way back on the very first stitch. It was hard love, but as a master craftster and seamstress, she wanted to build me up with a great foundation. Ladies of that time took great pride in their workmanship, as do I. This is the care I will be taking with your halter. I want you to cherish it, and know that it was professionally made by someone who truly cares what you think. If my grandmother were to pass you by, I know she would inspect it and give a partial smile with an affirmative simple nod that says "this was made by a true craftsman."

If you can get the child's chest circumference, that would be great (just enter it into the notes along with their street clothes size). If not, use the guide based on the the child's street clothes size. Measure all around at fullest part of the chest below the underarms. Do not be worried if your child's street clothes sizes does not match the size guide below. This chart is based on the fabric characteristics of crochet cotton and the particular stitches and design crochet elements, and not on cotton fabric, so it may be different for your child.

12-18 mos: to fit a child with chest circumference about 18"-19"
2T-3T: to fit a child with chest circumference about 20"-21"
4 yrs - 5: yrs to fit a child with chest circumference about 22"-23"
6 yrs - 8 yrs: to fit a child with chest circumference about 24"-25"
9 yrs - 10yrs: to fit a child with chest circumference about 26"-27"

So many colors to choose from! If you are seeking different colors, let me know:) I can also make the fringe a different color than the body of the halter, and I can also make the mesh lace at the top a different color. I can also make stripes! Please note colors may differ in person due to differences in monitors and how they display colors, and because the colors of the yarn balls can differ lot to lot. The colors shown are from the manufacturer's website. The color shown on this model is periwinkle.

Materials & Care: 100% Cotton. Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry, Normal.

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I started designing way back in 1999. Years later, I have won awards, had crochet books published, and had numerous designs published in crochet magazines. (Keep watching the magazine racks- there are a few due out this year). Vogue Crochet even wrote an article on one of my lace shawl designs (eek!) On days I need a little lift, I just open up to that page:)). Usually I only design patterns. However, I miss being able to crochet for others, sharing my love and passion not just with patterns, but also finished pieces- so that someone else may love and cherish them. And that is how you come to find me here now :) This halter is made to order :)

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