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Wander into the warmth of the garden- be sure to wrap up in The Afghan Of The Sandman while visiting.

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Spots And Dots Afghan $4.50

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Spots And Dots Afghan

Description: This afghan with bright colors, spots and dots is the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays and holidays. With so many color...
Somewhere In Time Afghan $6.50

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Somewhere In Time Afghan

Somewhere In Time Afghan Description Cascading textured stitches make up the body of this afghan, a beautiful contrast to the striking layers of...
Sierra Trails Afghan $4.25

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Sierra Trails Afghan

Ridges, texture.. just like you are hiking in the wilderness along the path of nature's harmony and elegance. Classy, thick and warm. Simple, yet...
Pebble Creek Afghan $4.50

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Pebble Creek Afghan

The key to this eye-catching textured design is the subtle vertical striations between the cables. Not only is a cable afghan's look determined by...
Painted Layers Afghan $6.99

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Painted Layers Afghan

Somewhere In Time Afghan Description The body of this crochet afghan pattern consists of a captivating stitch combination mixing post stitches and...
Morning Dew Afghan $4.50

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Morning Dew Afghan

A sweet, simple little blanket for your little one... At night she will cuddle to moonlight slumber, and in the morning wake in softness like the...
Moorish Mosaic Afghan $4.50

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Moorish Mosaic Afghan

Moorish Mosaic Afghan Note: Soon a baby version with a different color scheme will be added to this pattern. Those who order now will be able to...
Hopscotch Afghan $6.99

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Hopscotch Afghan

This whimsical afghan will carry your little one home on that very first day, and be the centerpiece of many memories... From days snuggling up with...
Enchanted Slumber $4.50

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Enchanted Slumber

Dreamland takes her away when enveloped in this afghan handmade by you. This blanket will enhance your sleeping beauty, capturing moments in time. A...
Diamond Slate Afghan $4.99

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Diamond Slate Afghan

Get ready for warmth with this sleek diamond lattice afghan. Pattern includes: Afghan Pattern Sizes: 33" X 33" (42" X 52", 50" X 60") Note: First...

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