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Country Maiden Stole $7.00

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Country Maiden Stole

Description: This country maiden stole will sing like the songbirds and radiate like the waking sun. Whether you are in your cowboy boots for an...
Garden Trellis Shawl $4.99

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Garden Trellis Shawl

Stunning... this shawl will take your breath away. The lacy mesh-like body is not your average mesh. Within each mesh center is a tiny little detail...
Maia Shawl $6.99

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Maia Shawl

The Maia Shawl - made for a Goddess. Patterns: shawl pattern Sizes: Finished measurements 62" wide by 24" long (customizable). Skill Level:...
Oberon's Lace Wrap $5.49

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Oberon's Lace Wrap

Oberon, King Of The Fairies, was undoubtedly a master of mystic beauty. Wrap yourself in this striking, alluring summer cover up. Stitches were...
Pemberley Shawl $5.99

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Pemberley Shawl

This shawl designed by Lisa Naskrent shows just how intricate and captivating crocheted lace weight shawls can be. This is one of the first shawls...
Shawl Of The Moirae $7.99

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Shawl Of The Moirae

See the Crochet Garden Facebook Page for a limited time special coupon for this pattern!! Description: The Moirae were the three Goddesses of fate....
Waterfall Stole - Crocheted Wrap $6.99

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Waterfall Stole - Crocheted Wrap

Waterfall Stole - Love knots are used in a clever way to create this array of lacy waves. With such a simple but striking stitch pattern, both solids...

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