1. Can I use a credit card? I do not have a PayPal account.
Yes, you can use a credit card without having a PayPal account. Simply add patterns to your cart. At the checkout, select PayPal. Paypal will then walk you through the steps how to use your credit without having to create a PayPal account. This option is here for you until we accept credit cards directly. Other medthods of payment: PayPal, money order, cashier's check, and personal check.

2. My Gift Card says code is invalid. I have not used it why won't it work?
Entering in the code is only for activation of the card. If you received the gift card/certificate in an email, and then clicked on the link in the email, that activated it. There is no need to enter it again, since it is already activated. Simply add items to you cart. At the checkout screen, you will see a box to enter in the redemption (activation) code. Leave this blank. Look to the right of this box and you will see a smaller box and right below it should show the balance of your gift card. Enter in how much of your card/certificate you would like to use in that box. If you still have an error message and it shows a 0 balance, please contact us.

3. What format do patterns come in?
As of August 19, 2008, all patterns have been converted to download directly as a PDF (see Question # 12 for pdf) file instead of a zip file. This means once one hits the "download" button, the PDF file will open up directly in the window. Click File, and then "save As" and then browse to where you want the file saved at.

Before this date, patterns downloaded as a zip file, that would unzip to a PDF file (see Question # 12 for pdf). For those who ordered patterns before this date, here are instructions: You will save the .zip file to your computer. Once it is saved, double click it and your zip utility program will unzip the PDF file for you to view and print.

4. When will I receive my pattern(s)?
PDF patterns are immediate. After completing purchase, you will be redirected after your PayPal checkout back to the website to a page to retrieve your pattern. Patterns will be stored in your account information. Note: E-checks through PayPal will have a wait time until they clear before pattern(s) are available. Patterns paid for with a money order will be available in your account once received.

5. I did not receive my pattern
Log back in, and go to your account information. Your PDF patterns are stored in there. For security purposes, there is no link sent to your email to retrieve patterns. Simply click on "My Account" and your patterns are stored in your information.

6. My computer died/broke/dog wrestled with it- my patterns are gone!
Patterns are stored in your account history. Simply log on and go into your account. Each pattern can be downloaded a total of 10 times.

7. I want both a baby and tot version of same pattern, do I have to add them in separately?
For right now, yes. Note that patterns have a drop down menu for you to add to cart- baby and tot versions and other versions will be in that drop down menu which means they are sold separately.

8. How do I redeem a gift certificate?
When you go to checkout, there will be an area to fill in gift certificate information. Read details at the Gift Certificates FAQ page on how to purchase, use and send Gift Certificates.

9. Do I need an account to purchase a pattern?
Yes. The benefits of having an account are significant. Patterns are stored in your account information. Should your computer crash, or your email malfunctions, you can always come back to the site, sign in, and your patterns will be stored in your account history.

10. How often is there a newsletter?
There is not a set time period between newsletters at this time. When there is a new pattern release, newsletters will be sent out, and at times of sales, and special events.

11. If I order a hardcopy, can I still get the PDF so I can start right away?
Yes, just contact us that you also wish to have the PDF version as well.

12. What is .PDF/Adobe?
This is the program to view and print the Crochet Garden patterns. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at http://www.adobe.com. It is like any other computer program to open a file. For example, if you write a note in Windows Notepad, you can open it again in Windows Notepad. When you open up a picture, a program will open it up for you so you can view it. Well, Adobe opens up .PDF files for you to see them. You can print them just like any other document, full color. Adobe is FREE! This helps save you money in shipping!

13. Are hard copies printed in color? How are they shipped?
Hard copies are printed with a laser printer on bright white paper in full color. They are folded and placed in a bag to protect from the weather elements in transit, and then placed in a manila envelope.

14. I have heard about testing; how do I become a tester?
Crochet Garden Testing Forum

15. Can I sell items I make from Crochet Garden patterns?
Yes, as long as you personally made it, you may sell it. We encourage individuals to sell their creations to bring out more of an awareness of handcrafted items. However, you may not in any form sell the patterns nor distribute them for free.

16. What payment forms do you accept?
Currently we accept PayPal, check or money order. One can use credit cards without having a PayPal account. Select PayPal as your method of payment, and then PayPal will walk you through to pay without having an account. Soon, credit cards will be accepted right to the Crochet Garden without one having to use PayPal at all. In addition, soon there will also be a Google Checkout. Be sure you are subscribed to the newsletter to receive news about these and other important updates and changes!

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