The Crochet Garden began in 2005. Designer Lisa Naskrent has created a whole new world of crochet. She is the designer who says, "Where there is a will, there is a way." And she does just that- finds a way to do what she wants to see in her designs. She will not finish a design until all her expectations are met- balance and flow, with brilliant composition resulting in classy, stylish patterns.

Beginning in 2007, Lisa Naskrent has been published in magazines, books, as well as her own leaflets. See the Professional Publications page.

The Crochet Garden uses the Standard Yarn Weight System from the Craft Yarn Council of America, as well at their Standard Sizing Guide.

The Patterns
All patterns come with the garments' finished measurements listed, as well as a size guide when applicable. Hook measurements are given in sizes, as well as millimeters due to variances in hook sizes. Also included are gauges for both stitches and rows. The majority of Crochet Garden patterns use a tape measure for lengths, as to maximize fit. Thus, one can focus on obtaining the stitch gauge as close as possible, and use a tape measure for most lengths.

No Seam Sewing
Virtually all Crochet Garden patterns are worked in such a way that no seam-sewing is needed. Thus one will never have to sew sleeves on, nor the side seams of tops/sweaters, nor sew hoods onto hoodies, etc. Patterns may have very minor seam sewing, for a small part where optimal, but all large pieces will never have to be sewn.

Color Coding
Another characteristic of Crochet Garden patterns is the color-coding system. All sizes, repeats pertaining to sizes, and stitch counts for each size are color-coded.

Another unique aspect of the Crochet Garden is the Photo Gallery where one will find photos of projects by both testers and customers. It is always interesting to see how projects will work up with different colors, materials, appliqués, sizes, etc. Please send in photos of your finished work to photos@crochetgarden.com

Support Forum
The Crochet Garden also provides a Support Forum as a courtesy to you. If you have a problem, or need some help, drop by and we will be there to help you. While we strive to be sure patterns are error-free, sometimes an error can creep in; thus, corrections are also posted in the support forum as well.

Crochet Garden Blog
Visit the Crochet Garden Blog (online journal) to keep up with the ramblings of this designer. Topics range from designing in crochet, publications in crochet, reviews, to her personal life.

Thank you for visiting the Crochet Garden! I hope you enjoy your visit, and I truly hope you are proud of your finished creations from these unique and different kind of designs!

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