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Dixie Belle


I love the pattern as long as you are making it for a baby to maybe a year old. I'm making it for my 2 year old and the length for a 2 year old doesn't fit, so I have to make it longer than the pattern calls for. The problem that I am finding, even making it the 17" called for in the pattern is that the longer the dress gets the heavier it gets. Since the 17" doesn't even cover her diaper, the length and amount of yarn is going to a lot more than planned for and I'm afraid the weight of the dress it self is going to be too heavy for her to wear comfortably. This dress pattern shouldn't go beyond a year old. The tears are 4 inches long, but only the last inch actually increases the length of the dress. So, it's not only heavy, but hot also. Maybe if the pattern was designed with a lighter weight of yarn instead of the DK weight needed, maybe a lace or fingering weight. It is a beautiful dress and I do love the pattern...just not for a toddler or older.
Date Added: 06/10/2012 by Kae Griffith
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